Monday, December 18, 2017


Read what our wonderful clients have said about mmmSugar:


“As always you do such an amazing job. Akaylah's first b'day cake was a cupcake. It was so beautiful to look at and tasted so good. You did a wonderful job. I will recommend you to all the people I know for sure.Keep up the good work Tash.”
- Jacqui de silva

“WOW! We were so happy with the birthday cake. All our guests were so impressed. They all took pictures of it. They also said it was delicious! Thanks again I would attach a picture but I don't know how. Maybe you could add one”
- Michelle Carter

“Natash has made so many cakes for me. She made the baptism cake for my son, and his first and second birthday cakes and many more. You tell her what you want, and she makes exactly what you want, and she is very artistic. This shows in her "works of art". Her cakes are not only gorgeous, they are delicious! I look forward to placing many more orders!”
- Keshi

“Once again Tasha GREAT CAKE!!! This is the second time that you have made my children’s birthday cake memorable. How you do it I have no idea ,but you are honestly amazing ...Thank you.”
- Amina Shirzadi

“Our fashion cupcakes for my daughter's 5th birthday were a huge hit! They looked amazing and tasted just as great! Very detailed and almost too pretty to eat!!”
- Shasta

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